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"Featured Test" Ovarian Cancer Test

One of the largest ever trials in Ovarian cancer, recently published in the Lancet, has shown that the CA125 blood test can help to reduce deaths from Ovarian cancer. The trial showed that watching for a small increase in CA125 was a better predictor of disease than simply applying a cut off level of over 35 for when to carry out further diagnostic tests.

There is no routine screening for ovarian cancer by the NHS and some women will unknowingly have a high CA125 (more than 35) that is an indicator of a higher risk than normal of ovarian disease that could be ovarian cancer. A rapidly rising CA125 level even if within the normal range needs to be investigated. That is why repeated tests are essential to accurately assess the level of risk of ovarian cancer. A one-off test has some value but much less so than annual testing.

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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

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Bowel Cancer Tests

ba enemaTwo Choices of Test from £29.99. Bowel cancer is one of is the most common cancers in men and women and testing can help to detect curable disease.

Detecting blood in stool (faeces) is the basic type of test and is effective in screening for tumours and polyps if it is performed annually.

M2-PK (M2 pyruvate kinase) detection is a better bowel cancer test than NHS bowel screening because it detects more disease and is less likely to be falsely positive.

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Petition to lower the NHS England screening age from 60 to 50

"New" CEA and CA19.9 Cancer Markers

Men or women over 45 years of age, with symptoms can take this test if concerned about bowel or pancreatic cancer. There is no routine screening for pancreatic cancer by the NHS and these tests are not screening tests. Normally Ca19.9 and CEA will be measured in people with symptoms or people who have have received cancer treatment and the tests are done as part of treatment monitoring.

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CEA and CA19.9 cancer marker tests

Indigestion Test - H pylori

HelicobacterSuffering from indigestion?

Blood tests are inaccurate so try our simple stool test. Post your sample to us with results in 48 hours.

Indigestion or a gnawing upper abdominal pain may be a sign of Helicobacter infection in the stomach. This bacterium causes gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) but it is easy to detect and treat. A simple stool test will tell you if you need treatment.

If you have already had treatment the test can tell you if the infection has been eradicated.

Helicobacter pylori gastritis is a cancer risk too.

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Helicobacter stool tests

General Digestive Check Up

Lethargic? Test your Thyroid

Tired - thyroid problem?Feeling tired and run down? Gaining weight? Test yourself for an underactive thyroid gland

Men, but more often women, can suffer tiredness, constipation, dry skin, depression and weight gain due to a faulty thyroid gland; the gland in the neck that regulates your metabolism.

Our simple TSH and Free T4 blood test can tell you if you are at risk. TSH is the hormone that regulates the thyroid. Too much TSH means your thyroid is struggling to produce enough thyroid hormones. Too little Free T4, the active thyroid hormone, also means the thyroid is failing. You can also opt to measure Free T3, the other active thyroid hormone, for added accuracy.

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Thyroid TSH, Free T4 and Free T3 tests

Prostate PSA Test

One in 8 men get prostate cancer. An annual PSA check is worth considering for certain groups of men. Men over 45 with no symptoms, any man with urinary symptoms, a family history or men on hormonal treatment for prostate cancer (monitoring) can take this test. It is useful to have a baseline test for PSA at age 45, before prostate cancer is likely to develop. With repeated tests then it is possible to calculate the PSA velocity (the rate of change) which is a good way of detecting changes that might be due to an early curable prostate cancer.

Expert Panel Recommends

  • Baseline test in 40s - helps establish future risk
  • Men with a higher risk than average should be tested from age 45 (Prostate Cancer UK expert panel recommendation) including
  • Men with a family history eg father had prostate cancer - risk is 1 in 4
  • Black African and Carribean men - risk is 1 in 4
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    Cervical Cancer Screening

    Cervical smears are set to be replaced by the more accurate HPV test for cervical cancer checks. We can offer this test now. High-risk human papilloma virus (HPV) infection causes cervical cancer. This simple test can assess your level of risk. You take the sample yourself and post it off for testing with results in 5 days.

    There are two tests to choose from, a basic test covering 14 types of HPV or a detailed test for 20 HPV types including those that cause warts.

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    HPV tests for Cervical Screening

    Irritable Bowel Testing


  • Who is the test for?
  • Anyone with symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) such as griping, episodic abdominal pains, frequent or loose stools or abdominal discomfort should take the Calprotectin test. In IBS Calprotectin is low but in colitis the level is high.

    Alternatively, if you have been diagnosed with colitis (ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease) then Calprotectin can be used to monitor the disease activity; a high level means active disease and a low level means inactive disease.

  • How the Calprotectin test works?
  • Calprotectin is a marker of inflammation; the higher the Calprotectin level in the stool, the more inflammation is present in the stool the higher will be the Calprotectin level. The enzyme Calprotectin can be detected from a small stool sample.

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    Testing for Irritable Bowel & Colitis

    Gluten-sensitivity and Coeliac testing for people with abdominal bloating

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  • Results
  • Your results and their interpretation are sent to you by email 24-72 hours after we receive your sample. If you have any follow up questions about your result we can discuss this by phone or email with you. We are not just a results service. 'Referral' samples are tested by The Doctors Laboratory, Whitfield Street, London.

    Cholesterol Test

    Medical notesThis test includes Total Cholesterol, Good Cholesterol (HDL), Bad Cholestrol (LDL) as well as Triglcerides (dietary fats). you can opt to have a blood glucose to check for diabetes and a thyroid test too. To assess your heart and blood vessel health this test is simple and effective - from £29.99.

    New Lp-PLA2 test now available to test for high risk of a coronary event

    Repeat these tests annually to see how you are progressing over time.

    Cholesterol testing can warn of risk of heart attack and stroke.

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    Cholesterol - full lipid profile and LpPLA-2 tests

    Vitamin D and Calcium

    In winter with little exposure to sunlight there is a possibility of becoming deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important in maintaining strong healthy bones. A simple finger prick blood test to check vitamin D levels and calcium is a good way to check your bone health.

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    Vitamin D and Calcium