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Bowel Cancer Tests

Test for Blood in Stool: Basic bowel screening test

FOB testThis is a basic but effective test if repeated regularly. It detects tiny amounts of blood in the stool from polyps or tumours if they are bleeding. Non-bleeding tumours and polyps will not be detected. This test can be falsely positive due to bleeding haemorrhoids and other conditions that cause bleeding. Nevertheless this test is superior to the current screening test provided by NHS England because this test is immunological (faecal immunochemical test - FIT test), more sensitive (detects more disease) and is less likely to be falsely positive (more specific).


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    Check 1You want to assess your risk of having a bowel polyp or a bowel tumour

  • M2-PK detects non-bleeding polyps and tumours
  • FOB detects bleeding polyps and tumours

    Yes You can take these medications without affecting the test

  • Mini-aspirin (75mg tablets)
    Unknown Risk assesment - read our guide for more information
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