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Bowel Cancer Test - FOB Test

Test for Blood in Stool: Basic bowel screening test

FOB testThis is a basic but effective test if repeated regularly. It detects tiny amounts of blood in the stool from polyps or tumours if they are bleeding. Non-bleeding tumours and polyps will not be detected. This test can be falsely positive due to bleeding haemorrhoids and other conditions that cause bleeding. Nevertheless this test is superior to the current screening test provided by NHS Bowel Screening (England) because this test is immunological (faecal immunochemical test - FIT test), more sensitive (detects more disease) and is less likely to be falsely positive (more specific).


Test Accuracy

This test can detect most colorectal cancers if repeated every year or every other year. A one off test will only detect around 60% of cancers so this test needs to be repeated regularly to provide good protection.


Testing every year costs less than £25.

Test Instructions

For this test you will take a small sample of stool using the test sampler, a plastic stick with grooves, and put the sample into the collection tube that is part filled with a preserving fluid. By gently shaking the tube the stool sample is liquified and preserved. You repeat this process on three separate occasions so that 3 stools are sampled. After completing the 3 samples you need to post the sample to us promptly in the packaging provided.

What your results mean

A negative result: means that no blood was found in your stool samples and a bleeding tumour or polyp has not been detected. Tumours and polyps that are not bleeding during the 3 days that you take your samples will not be detected by this test. After a negative test result you should repeat the test in 12 to 24 months.

A positive result: means blood has been found in the stool sample and you should always discuss a positive result with your doctor. Blood can be present in the stool for different reasons many of which are not dangerous to your health. There might be blood coming from piles (haemorrhoids) that are dilated veins around the anus or from an inflamed bowel lining due to colitis or inflamed diverticulae (small outpouchings of the bowel wall). Of course, sometimes the blood is due to a bleeding polyp or a tumour and that is why it is likely that a positive test result may lead to an examination of the lower bowel with an endosccope (colonoscopy). Some doctors like to repeat the stool test before proceeding to further tests and that is a discussion you can have with your doctor if your result is positive.

Clinically Proven

Extensively researched test - immunochemical stool tests that detect blood have been widely researched and found to be more effective than the standard NHS England bowel screening tests.

Approved: CE marked test

Can be used in combination with other bowel screening tests (with M2-PK enzyme test as a 2 in 1 test or as part of the Cologuard DNA test

Fully inclusive price £29.99

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  • FOB detects bleeding polyps and tumours

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