Am I at Risk of Cancer? How do I find out?

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CA19.9 and CEA Blood Test for Cancer Risk Assessment

    Test for CEA £79.98

    Test for CA19.9 £114.98

    Test for both CA19.9 £114.98, CEA £79.98 Special Offer only £154.98

    Key benefits

  • Accurate tests with Medical interpretation
  • Your result is a number; not simply normal or abnormal
  • Easy finger prick sample required
  • Post sample for testing (testing carried out by The Doctors Laboratory, Whitfield Street, London)
  • Test interpreted by Medical Pathologist
  • Results in 3-5 days by email

Who is this test for?

Prostate checkMen or women over 45 years of age, with symptoms can take this test if concerned about bowel or pancreatic cancer. There is no routine screening for pancreatic cancer by the NHS and these tests are not screening tests. Normally Ca19.9 and CEA will be measured in people with symptoms or people who have have received cancer treatment and the tests are done as part of treatment monitoring.

How to take your sample

Watching this short video is the best way to understand how easy it is to obtain your sample. 400 micro-litres, 4-8 drops of blood are required to send to us for testing. Click on this link: Finger prick blood sample video

What your results mean

Ovarian Cancer Test A raised level of Ca19.9 in a person with symptoms is an indicator of a higher risk than normal of pancreatic disease that could be pancreatic cancer although sometimes there is a non-cancerous cause. A high level of CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) in someone with symptoms can also occur from both cancerous and non-cancerous conditions but it is often associated with bowel, lung, stomach, breast and ovarian cancer.

A normal result for your age is therefore reassuring but no diagnostic test is 100% effective.

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£114.98 post and packing included

The test cost includes everything you need to take the test and return your sample to us for testing. There are no hidden costs.

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£154.98 post and packing included

Checklist: Before you take your test

Check 1Check your medications against this list

  • no special preparation is needed
  • no restrictions on medications for this test
    Yes prescription drugs and medications are unlikely to affect the test
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