What is Gluten Sensitivity? How do I test for it?

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Coeliac / Gluten sensitivity blood test

    Tissue Transglutamase testing for £54.98

    What is the Transglutamase test?

    We are introducing the Coeliac test as a check for an increasingly recognised cause of bloating in adults - Adult Coeliac disease. Normally found in infants it is now known to be common in adults. This screen checks for the abnormal IgA antibody in the blood produced by the body when exposed to gluten in many types of bread, rye, couscous and soya.

    Who is this test for?

    Prostate checkAny adult with bloating after eating with or without abdominal pain. Anyone with excessive flatulence or apparent intolerance to bread or other gluten-containing foods can usefully take this test. It is a finger prick blood test that requires 4-8 drops of blood. See how to take your sample below.

    How to take your sample

    Watching this short video is the best way to understand how easy it is to obtain your sample. 400 micro-litres, 4-8 drops of blood are required to send to us for testing. Click on this link: Finger prick blood sample video

    What your results mean

    Thyroid TestA positive result, that is to say, a high level of Transglutamase IgA antibody means that you can benefit from a diet low in gluten-containing foods. A normal test means that you need to think about other possible causes for your symptoms.


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