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HPV Test for Human Papilloma Virus

    Basic Test for HPV (High Risk Types) £44.98

    Full Test for HPV (20 Low and High Risk Types) £124.98 GBP

    Key benefits

  • Self test - sample taken at home (see below*)
  • Post your sample to us for testing
  • Accurate way to suppplement your protection against Cervical disease
  • Easy sampling
  • Test interpreted by Medical Pathologist
  • Results in 5 working days
  • What is HPV testing? Read more

    Testing for HPV - viral particleHPV is the cause of cervical cancer and its precursor CIN. Testing for HPV gives information about the risk of developing CIN and cervical cancer. This test detects only those types of high risk HPV that are known to cause cancer. Low risk HPV types that cause warts are not tested for. HPV testing is often used in combination with cervical smears.

    How the test works? Read more

    DNA testThe test detects HPV DNA and it is an extremely effective test. If the test is negative there is a very low chance of cervical disease. This is different from a smear test where falsely negative tests are relatively common. If the test is positive then it is best to have a smear or to have the cervix examined (Colposcopy) if you have had abnormal smears in the past. To take the test we send you a sampler and all the packaging that you need to return the sample. More details.

    Who should be tested? Read more

    Test for womenWomen aged 30 - 64 are most suitable for testing but women aged 18 - 30 can also be tested. Younger women benefit less from testing because short, fleeting HPV infections are common and harmless in this age group. Testing is more predictive of disease if the HPV infection has been persistent as it often is in women over 30. There is no routine screening for HPV by the NHS at the moment except in pilot studies. Men wishing to be tested for HPV should email us for specific advice.

    You can still be tested if you have had the HPV vaccine because the test detects HPV types not covered by the vaccine.


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The test cost includes everything you need to take the test and return your sample (testing carried out by The Doctors Laboratory, Whitfield Street, London). There are no hidden costs.

Basic Test - 14 High risk HPV types tested for £39.99 + £4.99 post and packing

Most Effective Test (HP20) - 20 High and low risk HPV types tested for individually £120.00 + £4.99 post and packing

Checklist: Before you buy

Check 1

  • This test is not suitable for under 18s
  • Don't take this test within 6 weeks of a cervical smear
  • Please return your sample straight after taking it for best results
  • Do not douche or use creams before taking the test
    Yes You can take any medications without affecting the test

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