Am I at Risk of Prostate Cancer? How do I find out?

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PSA Blood Test for Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

    Test for PSA £34.99

    Key benefits

  • Accurate test with Medical interpretation
  • Your result is a number; not simply normal or abnormal
  • Easy finger prick sample required
  • Post sample for testing (testing carried out by The Doctors Laboratory, Whitfield Street, London)
  • Test interpreted by Medical Pathologist
  • Results in 24-48 hours by email
  • Find out about Prostate Symptoms - Click here

Who is this test for?

Prostate checkMen over 45 years of age, men with urinary symptoms, men on hormonal treatment for prostate cancer (monitoring). It is useful to have a baseline test for PSA at age 45-50, before prostate cancer is likely to develop then it is possible to calculate the PSA velocity from subsequent samples.

How to take your sample

Watching this short video is the best way to understand how easy it is to obtain your sample. 400 micro-litres, 4-8 drops of blood are required to send to us for testing. Click on this link: Finger prick blood sample video

What your results mean

Thyroid TestThere is no routine screening for PSA for prostate cancer by the NHS and some men will unknowingly have a high PSA (more than 10) that is an indicator of prostate disease that could be a prostate cancer. When the PSA level is more than 4 but less than 10 there is often another explanation such as benign enlargement of the prostate. A rapidly rising PSA level (more than 0.75 ng/mL in 12 months) even if within the normal range needs to be investigated. That is why repeated tests are of value.

A normal result for your age is therefore very reassuring but repeating the test every one or two years is the safest option. As the expected 'normal' PSA value changes with age you need to use the age range tables provided unless you include your date of birth on your request form. No screening test is 100% effective and 20% of prostate cancers do not produce excessive PSA so your protection from the disease is around the 80% level if you take regular tests.

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The test cost includes everything you need to take the test and return your sample to us for testing. There are no hidden costs.

£34.99 including post and packing

Checklist: Before you take your test

Check 1Check your medications against this list

  • no heavy exercise within 48 hours of taking the test
  • no ejaculation within 48 hours of taking the test
  • no digital rectal examination / prostate massage within 48 hours of taking the test
  • if you are taking an androgen blocker please email for advice as this can affect the results.
    Yes Other drugs and medications are unlikely to affect the test
    Unknown There are many substances and foods that may reduce the risk of prostate cancer developing. There is no suggestion that these foods could alter the PSA level but there is little scientific data to give firm advice
  • These include aspirin, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, vegetable oil and fish, vitamin E, selenium, and soy products (isoflavones).

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