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Oxford Screening's Medical Director is Dr Colin Clelland, a Consultant Pathologist with more than 25 years experience working in UK Pathology laboratories including those at Papworth and Addenbrookes Hospitals in Cambridge. He is currently a Consultant at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and a visiting Consultant to The Doctors Laboratory, Whitfield Street, London.

I have chosen appropriate, accurate and up to date tests for home sampling. The tests are carried out to the highest standards and are certified by the manufacturers. Blood samples and other referral samples are tested by The Doctors Laboratory, Whitfield Street, London. All test results are interpreted by Dr Clelland.

We do not recommend home tests that you carry out and interpret yourself because there are better and more accurate tests now available at a similar price.Dr Clelland

Our goals

To provide the highest quality tests available
To provide excellent customer service
To provide comprehensive information


Our business was founded in April 2006 in response to the relative lack of availability of some medical screening tests. For example, colon cancer screening has only recently been fully implemented in England even now only for a narrow age range of people. There is no routine screening for Helicobacter, a risk factor for stomach cancer, and there are no routine screening programmes available for colitis, thyroid disease or prostate cancer.

Meeting our Customers Needs

Another major factor in our business is to provide medical tests that are easy to perform with samples taken at home for convenience and privacy. At the same time medical advice and interpretation of results is available whilst this does not replace the need for medical consultation when required. For the vast majority of our tests you send your sample to us to test and we interpret the result for you because this gives a more reliable result.

Medical Leadership

Dr Colin Clelland MB ChB MD FRCPath
Medical Director
Oxford Screening (Trading name of Pathology Oxford Ltd)
Company number 7214101

Author: Dr Colin Clelland

Tel 01865 522492

Email OxfordScreening@aol.com

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