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Ordering your test
It is easiest to order your tests online if you have a credit card. If you wish to place an order by phone on 01865-763140 you will most likely be asked to leave a message and you will be called back.
Payments accepted - Credit card, PayPal, Cheque
Most major credit cards are accepted but Switch is not. Telephone orders by credit card are welcomed. PayPal account holders can pay directly from their account. Please note that if you pay by PayPal the email address registered with PayPal is associated with your order so if this is not your current email address you may not receive the payment notification email from us. We also accept cheques made payable to 'Pathology Oxford Ltd' and test kits are dispatched after the cheque has cleared.
Postage - First Class Royal Mail
All tests in the UK are sent by First Class post normally the next working day after your order was placed. The vast majority of test kits will fit through a standard sized letterbox. There is no need to send your test back by Special Delivery. All the packing materials and a return stamp addressed envelope are enclosed with your test. Many of the test samples are transported in a liquid form so it is important to include the absorbant paper and place the sample in the watertight plastic container provided in case of leakage. For the best results please return your sample promptly.

Most of our tests can be requested from the Republic of Ireland but we cannot include return postage for such items and the customer needs to arrange this themselves. However, the prices are the same for ROI as for the UK.

Test request and consent forms
You should carefully check all the information on the request form because we will return your result to the email address on the request form and the name on the form will be the name on the result. There is a space on the form for a different name if the requester is not the person being tested. Please remember to sign for your consent and to enclose the form when you return your sample.

All referral tests (HPV and numerical Calprotectin tests) sent to our reference laboratory must have a date of birth as well as a first name and a surname to be accepted for testing. Some test kits require refrigeration if you are not going to use them immediately and this requirement is stated on the request form when it applies to your test.

Test results
We will process your sample and send you a result by email within 3 working days of receiving your sample (referral tests excepted because they may take up to 10 working days for a result). Frequently, non-reference test results will be available more quickly than this and a high proportion of our results are issued the same day or the day after samples arrive. If you do not receive your result within 4 days of posting your sample you should contact us. Often in this situation we have sent the result already but there has been an error in the submitted email address.
If you need advice about your test result or about what test you ought to purchase it is best to email us in the first instance and we will either phone you back or email a reply if this is appropriate. Advice is strictly limited to the tests on our portfolio and your own doctor is responsible for your treatment. We try to reply to all requests for advice within one working day.


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